The Restitution of Jesus Christ

Kermit Zarley

The Restitution of Jesus Christ (2008) may be the most formidable, comprehensive, well-researched, and biblically in-depth book to ever challenge the church dogma that Jesus is God. Yet it affirms all other major church teachings about Jesus, including his virgin birth, sinlessness, miracles, atonement, resurrection, ascension, heavenly exaltation, and future return to establish his earthly kingdom. This book is based on a conservative view of the inspiration of the Bible, so that it affirms the historical integrity of its four gospels. They tell almost all we know about Jesus of Nazareth.

The Only Perfect Man: The Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ

Eric H. H. Chang

DISCOVER AFRESH THE BIBLICAL JESUS! Jesus Christ embodies God’s glory and fullness. More than that, he is the only perfect man who has ever lived. But whereas his perfection is often taken for granted and regarded as a given, on the contrary it is a most stupendous achievement unparalleled in salvation history, for it was as a true man and not the trinitarian “God-man” that Jesus became perfect through suffering, obedience, and God’s indwelling. He was consequently exalted to God’s right hand as His supreme plenipotentiary, and given all authority in heaven and on earth. Hence the subtitle of the book, “The Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ” (2Cor.4:6). This book is exegetical yet also devotional and inspirational.

Who Is Jesus

Anthony Buzzard

The suggestion that Jesus is not, according to the Bible, “very God of very God” is likely to prove startling to those accustomed to the widely held views of the major denominations. It is not generally known that many students of the Bible throughout the ages, including a considerable number of contemporary scholars, have not concluded that Scripture describes Jesus as “God” with a capital “G.”

The One:  In Defense of God

J. Dan Gill

From atheism and agnosticism to Trinitarian Christianity which itself is not rooted in the simple faith of the one true God of the Bible – J. Dan Gill meets all of these candidly and head on. He asks, “Why do most Christians not even know the Shema – the amazing biblical creed about God which was given by Moses, affirmed by Jesus and is spoken in synagogues to this day?” J. Dan challenges Christians to by-pass centuries of their own religious traditions and discover anew the God of Jesus.

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