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A contingent of faithful Christians have long believed that Jesus and his early Jewish followers held that the Father alone is the one true God of the universe (John 17:3). That contingent has believed that God is eternally one individual – not two or three “persons” as came to be taught by Gentile Christians after the Bible was written. Those same faithful Christians have believed that the spirit of God is not another “person” in addition to the Father, but rather the spirit of the Father himself (Matt. 10:20). It is the Father in motion, in presence and power, interacting with his creation.

Those same Christians have loved and served Jesus – not as being God – but as God’s Messiah. To them, Jesus is the true human son of God. By a miracle of God’s spirit, he was born of a virgin (Luke 1:35). For this reason, God is literally this man’s Father – and this man is literally God’s human son. Jesus died for the sake of the rest of us – but God raised him from the dead and seated him at his own right hand in heaven (Eph. 1:20). God has made Jesus to be a Prince and a Savior, Lord and Christ to us all (Acts 5:31 and Acts 2:36).

21st Century Reformation is about many wonderful things. However, it is most essentially about God who is eternally one individual – the Father of us all. It is about the spirit of God being our Father himself in action. And it is about loving and serving Jesus as being who he and the first Christians said he was: God’s Christ, the true human son of God, our Savior, the one of us whom God has made to be Lord of all.

21st Century Reformation

God – The Original Monotheist

By J. Dan Gill

I am the LORD, your Holy One, the Creator of Israel, your King (Isa. 43:15).

Who would not desire to hear God speak? If he spoke to us, what would he say? What would he want us to know? Perhaps he would tell us that he loves us. Perhaps he would say that he wants us to love one another. These are matters of great importance. Both are true. Yet he would likely surprise us. There is something even more fundamental he wants us to know. He wants us to know who he is. He wants us to know him.  [Read More]

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What is God Really Like?

By J. Dan Gill

21st Century Reformation

The one who is seated on the throne of the heavens leads David on the hills of Judea. The God of the Bible is sovereign over the universe. Yet, his eyes are upon his people. He cares for them. The true God is a God of relationships. [Read Article]

“One God Over All!” is a 14 class series. Sean Finnegan works through scripture to build a biblical theology of the one true God and his Son, Jesus the Messiah. This class will cover both texts supporting God’s exclusive oneness as well as misunderstood verses that seem to teach otherwise. Additionally, we will briefly explore how Christian theology developed from the New Testament period to the Trinity’s full articulation at the Council of Constantinople in a.d. 381. Website:

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