About 21st Century Reformation

21st Century Reformation is a Christian ministry which is dedicated to the Father himself as the only one who is truly God, and to Jesus, not as God, but as the Messiah – the Christ of God (John 17:3). In doing this, 21st CR brings together some of the best in videos, audios and writings by people from around the world who believe that God is truly one.

21st Century Reformation is people helping people to receive the “One God Message” around the world.  If you would like to help in this mission, your donations are appreciated.

You may contact 21st Century Reformation at mail@21stcr.org.

EDITOR IN CHIEF  J. Dan Gill editor@21stcr.org
CONSULTING EDITOR  Sean Finnegan – Trinitarian Issues and Church History
CONSULTING EDITOR  William C. Clark – Oneness Pentecostal Issues and Spanish, German and French language outreach
WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT AND OVERSIGHT  Sharon E. Gill, sharon@21stcr.org

21st Century Reformation is an independent Christian ministry which exists for the encouragement and education of Christians of all backgrounds. It is not a subsidiary of, or formally affiliated with, any denomination or church. For those living in the United States, 21st Century Reformation is a non-profit ministry which is classified as tax exempt under the provisions of 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

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