To God Be the Glory

Joel Hemphill

The Bible’s answers to questions such as who is the Lord of God, to whom should Christians direct their worship and prayers, and is Jesus God may surprise readers. (Christian)

Glory to God in the Highest

Joel Hemphill

Hemphill investigates whether Trinitarian Christians are following Jesus Christ and his chosen apostles or Plato, who taught the doctrine of the trinity in his academy 375 years before the birth of Christ.

The One – In Defense of God

J. Dan Gill

From atheism and agnosticism to Trinitarian Christianity which itself is not rooted in the simple faith of the one true God of the Bible – J. Dan Gill meets all of these candidly and head on. He asks, “Why do most Christians not even know the Shema – the amazing biblical creed about God which was given by Moses, affirmed by Jesus and is spoken in synagogues to this day?” J. Dan challenges Christians to by-pass centuries of their own religious traditions and discover anew the God of Jesus.

God and Jesus

Exploring The Biblical Distinction

Joel Hemphill

God and Jesus; Exploring the Biblical Distinction Cover is lightly worn. Spine is firm and has a tiny crease at the very bottom. Pages are not written in or highlighted and are in excellent condition.

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