About Joel Hemphill

After 50 years as a Oneness Pentecostal minister, Joel Hemphill came to the understanding that not only is the Doctrine of the Trinity not scriptural, but that modern-day Oneness doctrine is lacking as well. While Brother Hemphill still holds to the Jesus Name – Apostolic message, he has come to the realization that the Jesus Name Apostolics in the Book of Acts were not proclaiming the post-biblical Oneness view of God. They did not declare God as three “manifestations.” Rather, they declared the Father himself as the only one who is truly God. And, Jesus, not as God, but rather God’s virgin born human son – the man whom God has “made to be Lord and Christ” (Acts 2.36). The Apostles in the Book of Acts taught repentance and baptism in the name of Jesus “Christ” not Jesus “Our God” (Acts 2.38). Since receiving the revelation of the Father as the only true God and Jesus as God’s Messiah, Joel Hemphill has traveled, spoken and written four books on this subject, encouraging Trinitarians and Oneness believers alike to reconsider their views about God and Christ. He exhorts everyone to embrace the – full apostolic message of the Bible: The One God the Father and One Messiah of Acts.
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