About Anthony Buzzard

Sir Anthony Buzzard was born in Surrey, England and educated at Oxford University and later at Bethany Theological Seminary. He holds master degrees in theology and modern languages, Hon. Ph.D. Sir Anthony F. Buzzard is one of the most persuasive and energetic voices of our day calling for Christians to pursue reformation and restoration in our time. He is the author of numerous books including: Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian: A Call to Return to the Creed of Jesus; and The Doctrine of the Trinity: Christianity's Self-Inflicted Wound. Anthony is the author of many theological articles and papers. He is the editor of Focus on the Kingdom and was co-editor of A Journal from the Radical Reformation. Retiring after 24 years on the staff of Atlanta Bible College, he continues to write, teach and travel, fulfilling a life-long desire to make the best of Bible scholarship available to the wider church-going public. Website - Focus on the Kingdom


Monotheism Anthony Buzzard Neither Paul or any writer of the Bible ever stated that "there is One God: Father, [...]

John 1:1

John 1:1 Anthony Buzzard Christology, the study of who Jesus is, has to do with a reasoned statement about [...]

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