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To God Be The Glory
by Joel Hemphill

Joel Hemphill Book

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Is the Holy Spirit A Third Person
of God?
by Joel Hemphill

Joel Hemphill Book

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by Joel Hemphill

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Joel Hemphill MultimediaAbout Joel Hemphill



Joel HemphillJoel Hemphill Interview

Honolulu, Hawaii - Part One

The Father's Glory


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J. Dan Gill interviews minister and gospel music legend Joel Hemphill in Honolulu, Hawaii.   In today's interview, Joel Hemphill discusses the Father's glory and contrasts it with the glory that he has given to his only begotten human son Jesus Christ.  Hemphill tells us that God is not granted his glory by anyone. Jesus, however, is given his glory by God. The subject of this interview is drawn from the book "To God be the Glory." (Trumpet Call Books, Joel Hemphill, 2006) (This is Part 1 of a 2 part interview.) Interview In Hawaii Part II


About Joel Hemphill

Joel HemphillWidely acclaimed as a legend in southern gospel music, Joel has been a songwriter, singer and minister of the gospel for over 45 years. Together with his wife LaBreeska, he has traveled extensively singing and preaching the word of God. Joel Hemphill has written more than 350 songs including "Consider the Lilies," "He's still working on me," "Master of the Wind" and a host of other well known gospel music favorites. The Hemphills have recorded some 27 albums and had numerous No. 1 and Top 10 songs. Joel was inducted into the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame on October 11, 2007. Together, the Hemphill family has received 8 dove awards.

Led of God, Joel came to more light and understanding about the One God of the Bible. In 2005 he wrote a book about his and LaBreeska's journey of faith entitled To God be the Glory. The book is a must read for every person with an interest in the one true God and his son Jesus Christ.

Joel Hemphill grew up in Northeast Louisiana as the son of respected pastor W. T. Hemphill and his wife Beatrice. Joel pastored churches in Balstrop, Louisiana and Nashville, Tennessee. Joel and LaBreeska Hemphill have been married for 51 years. The Hemphills have made their home in Nashville for the past 35 years.  

Visit the Hemphill's website to purchase books and music CDs.





Joel Hemphill - Shocking Admissions (Tract)

Joel Hemphill - Shocking AdmissionsJoel Hemphill brings to the public a compilation of revealing statements from respected Christian scholars regarding the historical doctrine of the Trinity.  "Shocking Admissions" makes not only for amazing reading, but is also a valuable resource for anyone researching this subject.

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