Debate – Dr. Dale Tuggy vs Chris Date

Dr. Dale Tuggy

Dr. Dale Tuggy (Biblical Unitarian) and Chris Date (Trinitarian) debate the subject “Is Jesus human and not divine?” Dale Tuggy defends that Jesus is a true man with a human nature – Chris Date proposes that Jesus has two natures. Watch the debate and judge for yourself. This debate took place on May 31, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Here are some times if you want to skip around:

  • Pro opening statement 7:33
  • Con opening statement 37:10
  • Pro rebuttal 1:06:39
  • Con rebuttal 1:21:45
  • Interrogation by Pro 1:35:54
Debate organizer – Kingdom of God Ministry & Missions
Media Production – 21st Century Reformation