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Sean Finnegan

“One God Over All!” is a 14-class series. Sean Finnegan works through scripture to build a biblical theology of the one true God and his Son, Jesus the Messiah. This class will cover both texts supporting God’s exclusive oneness as well as misunderstood verses that seem to teach otherwise. Additionally, we will briefly explore how Christian theology developed from the New Testament period to the Trinity’s full articulation at the Council of Constantinople in a.d. 381. Website: https://restitutio.org

Yahweh the Supreme Creator – Pt 12022-10-07T15:56:26-05:00
Yahweh the Supreme Creator (One God Over All - Part 1) - by Sean Finnegan

Who is the true Creator? How many created us? What does the word Elohim mean? What about Genesis 1:26 “Let us make man”? Follow along with Sean Finnegan as he begins his series “One God Over All.” This session takes up “Yahweh as the Supreme Creator.”

Yahweh Our God, Yahweh Is One – Pt 22022-10-10T08:59:38-05:00
Yahweh Our God, Yahweh Is One (One God Over All - Part 2) by Sean Finnegan

This is an excellent presentation on the supremacy of the Father as the one and only God of the universe. Many great scriptures talked about including the Shema in Deuteronomy 6:4.

Yahweh Versus the Idols – Pt 32022-10-08T07:17:19-05:00
Yahweh Versus the Idols (One God Over All - Part 3) - by Sean Finnegan

Kings Saul and David were loyal to the one true God. However, King Solomon in the “Golden Age of Israel” was unwise and actually provided idols for his foreign wives. Through successive generations the people at times forsook Yahweh.

Yahweh – The God of Jesus – Pt 42022-10-10T09:01:48-05:00
Yahweh - The God of Jesus (One God Over All - Pt 4) - by Sean Finnegan

Does God have a God? The answer is clear – No. Yet Jesus does have a God! Watch Sean Finnegan’s “Yahweh – The God of Jesus.” Sean presents us with a review of the scriptures that teach us that as “Christians” to us the only one who is God, is the God of Jesus our Lord.

Jesus – God’s Messiah – Pt 52022-10-10T08:59:59-05:00
Jesus - God's Messiah (One God Over All - Pt 5) - by Sean Finnegan

Who is Jesus? Who did Jesus say that he was? He identifies his Father as being “the Only True God” and himself as the Christ – God’s Messiah (John 17:3). Watch Sean Finnegan’s “Jesus – God’s Messiah” and consider the scriptures that teach us who Jesus really is – The Messiah.

Jesus – God’s Subordinate Son – Pt 62022-10-10T09:00:25-05:00
Jesus - God's Subordinate Son (One God Over All - Pt 6) - by Sean Finnegan

Jesus said, “My Father is greater than I.” He is God’s obedient son. He said that he always does his Father’s will. Watch Sean Finnegan’s “Jesus – God’s Subordinate Son” and continue to consider the scriptures that teach us who Jesus really is – not God, but the Son of God.

Jesus – God’s Agent – Pt 72022-10-15T17:52:03-05:00
Jesus - God's Agent (One God Over All - Pt 7) - by Sean Finnegan

Jesus, as God’s human son is also his greatest agent. He has been given incredible authority by God to act on God’s behalf. This is a critical aspect of Jesus’ work which Christians have often not realized. Watch Sean Finnegan’s “Jesus – God’s Agent” and learn more about Jesus’ work for God and for his people.

Jesus – Called God? – Pt 82022-10-10T08:58:38-05:00
Jesus - Called God? (One God Over All - Pt 8) - by Sean Finnegan

Is Jesus called “God” in the New Testament? Watch Sean Finnegan’s “Jesus – Called God?” and learn more about Jesus and his place with God and God’s people.

Crucifixion and Resurrection – Pt 92022-10-10T08:58:13-05:00

Crucifixion and Resurrection (One God Over All - Pt 9) - by Sean Finnegan

How did the death of a human being pay for everyone’s sins? What is the significance of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection? Watch Sean Finnegan’s “Jesus – Crucifixion and Resurrection” and learn more about Jesus and the meaning of these critical matters in his life.

Christ’s Exaltation (Col. 1:15-20) & Priestly Service – Pt 102022-10-10T08:16:12-05:00
Christ's Exaltation (Col. 1:15-20) & Priestly Service (One God Over All - Pt 10) - by Sean Finnegan

Jesus has been highly exalted (Psalm 110:1, Col. 1:15-20). What is Christ’s Exaltation and Ministry in Heaven? Watch Sean Finnegan’s “Christ’s Exaltation and Priestly Service” and learn more about Jesus and the meaning of his life now in heaven.

Spirit of God and Christ – Pt 112022-10-10T08:11:43-05:00
Spirit of God and Christ (One God Over All - Pt 11) - by Sean Finnegan

What is the spirit of God? What are 5 reasons that we know the spirit of God is not a separate person from the Father. What does Jesus tell us about God’s spirit? What is the relationship of Jesus to the spirit? Watch Sean Finnegan’s “Spirit of God and Christ” and learn more about God and his spirit and Christ.

“One God” in Early Church History – Pt 122022-10-08T15:13:34-05:00

"One God" in Early Church History (One God Over All - Pt 12) - by Sean Finnegan
“One God” in the Fourth Century – Pt 32022-10-15T17:52:58-05:00
"One God" in the Fourth Century (One God Over All - Pt 13) by Sean Finnegan

What was the view of Christians about God by the 4th Century AD? Did post-biblical Christians believe in the Doctrine of the Trinity? Who was Arius and what was Arianism? Who were some early post-biblical believers who believed in One God, the Father?

One God Today – Pt 142022-10-15T17:59:29-05:00
One God Today (One God Over All - Pt 14) by Sean Finnegan

In this final session in the series, Sean Finnegan summarizes the history of One God believers. Sean, begins in the Old Testament, continues through the New Testament, onto early church history and through the centuries to our present time. This is an excellent conclusion to a very exceptional series of lessons.

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About the Author:

With the heart of a true reformer, Sean Finnegan encourages reformation in Christianity today. His passion is to see Christians recapture the truths, spirit, and faith of those who were the first followers of Jesus. In that vein, he is the founder of Restitutio a podcast devoted to the “Restoration of Authentic Christianity” and is also the developer and manager of several other websites and online ministries. He is a consulting editor for 21st Century Reformation Online. Sean Finnegan received a Master of Theological studies degree from Boston University's School of Theology. He attended Atlanta Bible College where he obtained a Bachelor of Theology degree in 2005. He now serves as an adjunct professor for that college, teaching intensive classes on Church History, Apologetics, Evangelism, and Basic Bible Doctrine. Website: https://restitutio.org
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