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I Stand with the Children!

J. Dan Gill

The Children in Ancient Israel Know God

As for me, while others decide what they will do, I stand with the children of ancient Israel. They know their God. There is so much humanity could learn from them. In ancient Israel, the truth about how many persons are the one God can be understood by a child of five! The children in Israel can count how many Gods there are on one finger. They can count how many persons are that one God on the same finger. YHWH himself is the only true God!

Yet to this day, people of great learning often cannot grasp what every child in Israel knew. Intelligent men and women are often found worshipping gods of their own making. Great efforts are expended in the quest of all that is not God. From idol worship to deism; from God as nature to the gods of the cosmic unknown: all of these only fail us.

Again, good people are often stumped by the futile reasoning and contradictions of the concept of a multi-person God.  One could fill a large library with the writings of those who are forever asserting they can “prove” this peculiar post-biblical notion. If the idea were true, they could save all their paper and ink, because God’s prophets and his people of old would simply have said it — over and over again. The children in Israel would have been reciting it. But they did not!

My Creed is In The Bible

My creed is in the Bible itself. I can say, “The LORD is my God, the LORD is one.” My allegiance to God is not in any sense divided. I can truthfully say that I love the LORD with all of my heart, all of my soul and all of my strength. I am wholly devoted to the one who alone sits on the throne of the universe. He is the Father of his people, the Father of Jesus Christ, and my Father. He alone is God.

Of whom shall we sing? Let us sing of the LORD. Of whom shall we speak? When we are at home and when we are away, when we lie down and when we rise up — let us speak of him. And what shall we recite to our children? Let our children and their children know: “The LORD is our God, the LORD is one!”

Shema! But will we listen? Let us say with ancient Israel: “We too will serve the LORD, because he is our God.” If there are only ten people on the face of the earth who will hold to this One, let us take our stand with them. It is better to serve YHWH in a tent than to serve others as God in the greatest halls of mankind. He is “THE ONE”!

Gill, J. Dan (2016). I Stand with the Children. In, The One: In Defense of God (pp. 264-265). Nashville, TN: 21st Century Reformation Publishing.

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