“Courage is not simply one of the virtues but the form of every virtue at the testing point…”1 Which is to say – all other virtues are dependent on courage; if you don’t have courage, the other virtues do not operate well. We have to deal with this fear factor.

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A Response to Christian Pluralism

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The reason I disavow that notion of pluralism is that I believe it often has much the same effect as “forced faith.” Though it comes from a different direction, the end result is often the same. True debate is stifled, not by political force, but rather by a new kind of social pressure, a pressure that says that to be an enlightened, kind or caring person, one would never say that someone else’s faith is wrong. If we cannot say that there is any view that is wrong, then by the exact same logic, neither can we say that anything is right. This is a reductio ad surdum. How can this ever be thought to be an enlightened approach? It rather fosters a cold status quo “for all” that can never really benefit people or truth.