Six Stages of Trinitarian Commitment

Dr. Dale Tuggy

Dr. Dale Tuggy describes six stages of Trinitarian commitment he has gone through, and that many go through, with respect to “the Doctrine of the Trinity.” Dr. Tuggy tells us that most Christians spend their lives at the first stage. But some believe what they are told, that “the doctrine of the Trinity” is an all-important truth, one worth looking into, finding evidence for, and defending – and then one has taken a step down a path. But it is one step of many. The stages are listed below; each is briefly explained in this presentation. Dale gives examples of such people, relates a few of his own experiences, and explains why people move on to the next stage, or in some cases “regress.”

  1. paper “trinitarian”
  2. defender of “the Trinity”
  3. interpreter of “the Trinity”
  4. Berean trinitarian
  5. “trinitarian” ex-trinitarian
  6. unitarian Christian

Dale tells us “I have gone through all six, in order.” He then asks, “Which stage are you at, and what is keeping you from moving to the next?” This study was originally presented to Restoration Fellowship’s online 2020 Theological Conference.

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Dr. Dale Tuggy is the author of What is the Trinity?, the host and producer of the Trinities podcast and the chairman on the board of directors for Unitarian Christian Alliance.  He lives in middle Tennessee where he and his wife attend Higher Ground Church.