How to Kill Unitarian Christianity

Dr. Dale Tuggy

Dr. Dale Tuggy speaks to an audience in Arkansas regarding biblical unitarianism. He focuses particularly on the Congregationalist Churches in America during colonial times and later in the States. Dr. Tuggy tells us about the rise of unitarianism among congregationalist churches and why the movement slowed and eventually faded and killed Unitarian Christianity. He also talks about his optimism regarding biblical unitarianism in the 21st Century. Reforming Christian theology in light of the New Testament is getting out to the world.  The message that the one true God is the Father and that Jesus is not God or a God-man but God’s human messiah is spreading among people from many different religious backgrounds.

Dr. Dale Tuggy is the author of What is the Trinity?, the host and producer of the Trinities podcast and the chairman on the board of directors for Unitarian Christian Alliance.  He lives in middle Tennessee where he and his wife attend Higher Ground Church.

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