Easy Christology – 4 Part Series

Dr. Joe Martin & J. Dan Gill

Christology Pt 1 –  Master & Messiah

This first session takes up the Christology of Jesus himself  as found in the first three chapters of the Book of Revelation.  This is an enjoyable discussion that focuses on the words of “Jesus about Jesus.”  Joe Martin says “If we can’t believe what Jesus says about himself, then who can we believe?”

Christology Pt 2 –  Peter on Jesus

Continuing with “Easy Christology,” Dr. Joe Martin and J. Dan Gill take up the testimony of God regarding Jesus; Jesus about Jesus in the gospels and, particularly what the Apostle Peter proclaimed as his Christology. (Ref.: Matt. 17:5; John 10:36; Rev. 2:18; John 20:17; Acts 2:36; 10:38 and many others.)

Christology Pt 3 – Jesus is “of” God

The real Jesus was and is “of” God.  In this session Joe Martin points out the numerous times in the Bible that Jesus is said to be “of” God. He is the begotten “of” God, the Son “of” God, the lamb “of” God, the Christ “of” God, the wisdom “of” God, the bread “of” God, the holy one “of” God, and many more! Jesus is not God – he is the Salvation “of” God for us!

Christology Pt 4 –  Jesus in the Book of Mark

In the final session of “Easy Christology,” Joe Martin takes us on a “Walk through Mark” and discusses the clarity about Jesus that we find in Mark’s writings.