21st Century Reformation’s (21st CR)
Comments & Postings Policies

These policies are those of 21st Century Reformation and apply to all present and future 21st CRs websites, social media and other outreaches. They are in addition to any other privacy and permissions policies of 21st CR. They are also in addition to any community guidelines or policies which are created by applicable media.

Whenever presentations are open for comments and postings, such interactions are generally welcome by 21st CR from – readers, listeners and viewers. That is the case whether they are in agreement or disagreement with 21st Century Reformation’s presentations. Respectful dialogue can often be helpful to a consideration of an issue and is appreciated.

The Golden Rule as a Guide

Perhaps the Golden Rule is the best guide to everyone in comments and postings. We should comment and post to others respectfully, as we would want others to comment to us. Negatively, we should not approach others in a way that we would not want them to approach us.

Needful & Reasonable Policies

Because not everyone is guided by the Golden Rule, or because there may differences in how some feel that the rule would apply, please note what we believe to be needful, reasonable, policies and limitations on comments and postings:

General – 21st Century Reformation Inc. reserves the right to disallow and/or remove postings or comments on any of its presentations (including written materials, videos, audios or other) for any reason that 21st CR deems appropriate. That reservation extends to denying “access” to any of 21st Century’s ministries and outreaches to any or all persons, businesses or other organizations. Such disallowance or removal of comments or postings and denial of access may be exercised by 21st CR without notice or explanation. These provisions are applicable to current or future 21st Century websites, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc.


Following are some examples of why comments or postings might be disallowed or removed, and why persons or other entities might be excluded from public interactions on 21st Century Reformation’s Ministries:

  1. The use of profanity or inappropriate language. The posting of sexually suggestive materials, photos, drawings, etc.
  2. Making verbal attacks or threats to any persons, churches, or other organizations. This includes any comments, postings, etc. which – whether true or false – are likely to embarrass or demean any persons or organizations. This includes making ad hominem attacks on any person or entity.
  3. Posting personal information about others, including contact information and/or encouraging people to contact or harass other parties.
  4. Posting unkind personal comments which demean people due to their physical appearance, nationality, race, lack of talent, etc. Often unkind comments or postings tell us more about the persons posting them than the persons being posted against.
  5. Making religious condemnations or anathemas against anyone – by anyone. This is the case whether the postings are for or against 21st Century Reformation’s positions. “Do not judge – lest you be judged” applies to comments and postings as well as other aspects of life.
  6. Using comments or postings for the advancing of any political party or view when those parties or views are not the subject of the 21st Century presentation being considered.
  7. Unapproved “promotion or advertising” for the benefit or advantage of any cause, individual, business, church, ministry or other religious or non-religious organizations. This includes instances in which addresses are being provided to draw attention to other sites.
  8. Comments and postings which are “off subject” from the presentation that is being posted on.
  9. Numerous comments or postings or “strings of postings” by a party on the same presentation. Particularly when they have the effect of hijacking the comments and postings section.
  10. Postings and/or re-postings of extended comments, writings or visual materials that go on for multiple paragraphs or even pages. Also, “repeated postings” of the same comments or materials.

Advice to All Parties

There are limits to the extent that arguments or disagreements should be conducted through comments and postings. All parties should understand that there is a point at which one should use (or get, if need be) his own media site to express his views. Riding on the sites of others rather than developing your own site(s) is not giving reasonable respect to the work of others and does not speak well for those taking unfair advantage.