John 17:5 – The Glory Jesus Had

Bill Schlegel

What was the glory that Jesus had “before the foundation of the world?” Bill Schlegel tells his audience at Higher Ground Church in Tennessee that the glory Christ had with the Father was his place of unparalleled honor in the eternal plan of God.  In John 17:3 Jesus says Father you are the only true God.  This is the human Jesus that is praying to the Father.  That glory came into literal reality after God raised him from the dead, took him up into heaven and seated him at his own right hand.   

Bill Schlegel taught Bible history, geography and Hebrew in Israel for over three decades. He is the author of the Satellite Bible Atlas. Through Bible study, Bill came to the understanding that the LORD is one, and that Jesus is the LORD’s human Messiah. Bill podcasts at One God Report. His blog is Land and Bible Blog

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