John 1 and Early Christian Theologies

Dr. Dale Tuggy

This is Dr. Dale Tuggy at his best. Here Dale takes up John 1 and Early Christian Theologies in light of the development of Christology in the mid 100s CE to mid 200s. Among the matters Dale considers are Logos Theology, Logos-Sarx Christology, Logos-Anthropos Christology, Justin Martyr’s Logos Theology, Dynamic Monarchianism. Modalistic Monarchianism, Docetism, as well as Origen’s and Tertullian’s Logos-Anthropos Christology. Also see J. Dan Gill’s interview with Dr. Dale Tuggy .

Dr. Dale Tuggy is the author of What is the Trinity?, the host and producer of the Trinities podcast and the chairman on the board of directors for Unitarian Christian Alliance.  He lives in middle Tennessee where he and his wife attend Higher Ground Church.