About Mark Jones

Mark A. Jones is the lead pastor for Higher Ground Church near Nashville, Tennessee. His service as pastor and associate pastor at HGC has spanned over 2 decades. Mark and his wife, Becky, have ministered and blessed many people through their time spent at Higher Ground. With a passion for the Word of God, love for God’s people, and a drive to follow Jesus Christ, they have inspired many to grow and deepen their faith and desire for truth. Higher Ground Church is a fellowship of believers who have come from various church backgrounds and are dedicated to the understanding that the Father himself is the only true God. And, that Jesus is the Christ, the virgin born human son of God (John 17.3). Pastor Jones brings us many teachings about the “One God” with consideration to Theological and Christological issues. Sunday morning worship and sermons by Pastor Mark Jones: Higher Ground Church Website and Higher Ground Church Facebook


Fellowship Mark Jones Pastor Mark Jones of Higher Ground Church in Tennessee talks about the nature of true [...]

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