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Joel Hemphill

Joel Hemphill

Joel Hemphill is a minister of the gospel, celebrated songwriter and singer. Widely acclaimed as a legend in southern gospel music, Joel is the writer of over 350 gospel songs including "Jesus Saves," "Consider the Lilies," "I Claim the Blood," "The Only Real Peace," "He's Still Working On Me," "Master of the Wind" and a host of other well known gospel music favorites. One of Joel Hemphill's most recent songs is "The Cost of the Call."

Joel Wesley Hemphill was born in Fresno, California, August 1, 1939, to Rev. W.T. Hemphill and Mrs. Beatrice (Brown) Hemphill. Joel spent his childhood from the age of five in West Monroe, Louisiana where his father was pastor and founder of a local church. From his earliest memories the music of the church was an important part of his life. Exciting, exuberant, heart-felt singing and preaching laid the foundation that Joel's life is built upon. Brother W. T. Hemphill, Joel's Father, a very compassionate and caring man loved to sing. He sang when he was happy and he sang when he was sad. He owned the finest Martin guitar and carried a guitar pick in his pocket at all times, even though he could not play. He was prepared to have one of his children, including Joel to play whenever he wanted to sing. When Joel was in his teens, he became one of the church musicians playing the electric guitar and later, after answering his call into the ministry at 19, became a young associate Pastor serving under his father.

Joel's first songs were recorded by the Happy Goodman Family, LaBreeska's maternal family, (her mother Gussie Mae was sister to Howard Goodman, and his brothers Rusty and Sam). These included songs such as "Not in a Million Years," "The Eyes of Jesus," "Pity the Man," "I Found a Better Way," "He Filled A Longing," and others. The Blackwood Brothers, The Speer Family, The Gaithers, The Florida Boys, The Cathedrals and others, have recorded Joel Hemphill's songs. Songs recently recorded by other artists include, "When Jesus Says It's Enough," by the Gaither Vocal Band and "Two Out of Three," which was recorded by Charlie Daniels.

The Hemphill’s have had many television appearances including, The Grand Ole Opry, Crook and Chase, The 700 Club, TBN and Gospel Country. They appeared regularly on the Gaither Homecoming videos and were invited guests at the White House for a Gospel singing when President Jimmy Carter was in office.

Joel HemphillThe Hemphills have recorded some 27 albums and had numerous No. 1 and Top 10 songs. Joel has received three BMI Awards of Excellence.  Joel Hemphill was inducted into the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame (SMGA) on October 11, 2007. Together, the Hemphill family has received 8 dove awards.

Joel Hemphill and his wife LaBreeska, have traveled extensively singing and preaching the word of God. They have gained the respect and appreciation of pastors and churches around the world. Ministering to the benefit of Christians of many backgrounds, their sincerity and love are well known.

21st Century Reformation Online is honored to have Joel Hemphill as a frequent contributor. Joel's speaking and preaching have uplifted and strengthened the faith of many. His years of Bible study and teaching have given him a powerful understanding of the word of God. In 21st Century Reformation Online, you will find teaching videos by Joel Hemphill, exclusive interviews with Joel and some of the best of the Hemphill's music.

Led of God, Joel Hemphill came to more light and understanding about the One God of the Bible. In 2005 he wrote the book, To God be the Glory. That book is a must read for every person with an interest in the one true God and his Son Jesus Christ. Joel is the author of numerous other books and tracts including: Is the Holy Spirit A Third Person of God? and Should we pray to God the Father or our Savior Jesus? Joel is presently working on a new book which will be available in the near future. will keep you apprised of when it will be available.




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Joel Hemphill is also the president of Trumpet Call Books. See additional articles by Joel and purchase books by Joel Hemphill and his wife LaBreeska at:


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