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The One - In Defense of God

By J. Dan Gill


This is an extraordinary book! As a Christian pastor, J. Dan Gill confronts the great issues regarding God and faith in our time. From atheism and agnosticism to eastern religions and New Age; from religious pluralism and popular philosophies to a Christianity which itself is no longer rooted in the simple faith of the one true God of the Bible — all of these are met head on. Written from a pastor’s heart, this is a book which every Christian and non-Christian alike should read.

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Some Endorsements

Dan Gill in his new book, “The One” presents the true God in an extremely reasonable fashion. I highly recommend this book as great theology put in a very personal form.

Joe Martin
President of Atlanta Bible College

J. Dan Gill’s book is a wonderful work that can bring even a skeptic to believe. 

Janet Stilson
Christian Author and Editor

In “The One,” J. Dan Gill faithfully expounds the good news of the one true God of the Bible and his human son Jesus Christ. J. Dan walks us through this transforming message from one end of the Bible to the other, steering us safely around the many pitfalls of speculation and religious tradition.

Dale Tuggy
Professor of Analytic Theology
State University of New York, Fredonia



About the Author

J. DAN GILL is editor in chief of 21st Century Reformation Online. He has touched the lives of many as a pastor and with his common sense Bible teachings and writings. He is a frequent speaker who challenges Christians of all backgrounds to pursue biblical truth with mutual love and respect.


Dan and Sharon Gill
J. Dan and his wife Sharon have been married 46 years and live in the Nashville, Tennessee area. Their faith is shared by their two daughters, two sons-in-law and grandchildren.

If you would like to contact J. Dan directly you may email him at:



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