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Bartl, Werner

Bennett, Jerry

Butler, T. J.

Buzzard, Anthony

An Introduction to the Kingdom of God

Anthony Buzzard - Interview In Atlanta

Comments on Some Modern Theologians - European Conference - Session 2

Confusing the Two Lords of Psalm 110:1



Five Options in Christology - Anthony Buzzard

Galatians Chapter 1 - Two Great Covenants

Galatians Chapter 2 - Paul's Gospel versus the Law of Moses

Galatians Chapter 3(a) Verses 1-14 Abraham was Not Under the Law

Galatians Chapter 3(b) Verses 15-29 Why Then the Law?

Galatians Chapter 4 - Sonship is by Christ - Not the Law

Galatians Chapter 5 - Freedom Without the Law

Galatians Chapter 6 - Fulfilling the Law of Christ

He are Three – They is One!

Hebrews Chapter 1 - God's Son is one of us

Hebrews Chapter 2 - Jesus: One of Us for the Rest of Us

Hebrews - Chapter 3 -Jesus Builds a House

Hebrews - Chapter 4 - Jesus - Tempted Just Like You and I

Hebrews - Chapter 5 - Jesus Learned Obedience

Hebrews Chapter 6 - On to Perfection

Hebrews Chapter 7a - Verses 1-14 - Jesus is our Priest Like Melchizedek

Hebrews Chapter 7b - Verses 15-28 - A change of Prest hood

Hebrews Chapter 8 - God's New Torah

Hebrews Chapter 9 - The Book of the New Torah

Hebrews Chapter 10 - The New and Living Way

Hebrews Chapter 11 - Our Fathers of Faith

Hebrews Chapter 12 - Looking to Jesus

Hebrews Chapter 13 - Everlasting Covenant

Helping the world Count to One - The New Creation

If Only We Had Listened to Gabriel

Important Statistics from "Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian"

Is Jesus God or God's Christ?

Jesus Is Still A Jew

John 1:1 Caveat Lector (Reader Beware)

Let us Reason Together

Lord, lord and LORD – What is the difference?

Peter and Water Baptism

Shocking Contradiction by Evangelical Scholars

Sir Anthony Buzzard - Growing Up in England

Six Options in Christology

The 8 Kingdom Texts in the Book of Acts - European Conference - Session 5

The Begetting, Coming into Existence, of the Son of God

The Beginning of the Son of God - European Conference - Session 1

The Crunch Point - How Many Yahwehs?

The Gospel Preached To Abraham - European Conference - Session 3

The Library Talks - Part 1 - Another Jesus???

The Library Talks - Part 2 - Difficult Texts Made Easy

The Library Talks - Part 3 - Biblical Unitarianism

The Library Talks - Part 4 - Why the Trinity Won

The Library Talks - Part 5 - Uncertain Texts

The Library Talks - Part 6 - Back to the Real Jesus

The Son of God and the Crescent - Guest Editorial

What’s in a Vowel Point? The Difference between God and Man in Psalm 110:1

Who Is Jesus? (PDF - Ebook)

Word or God's word?

Buzzard, Barbara

A.D. 381: Heretics, Pagans and the Dawn of Monotheistic State

An Essay by Barbara Buzzard on "The Tipping Point" (Book by Malcolm Gladwell)

Did Calvin Murder Servetus?

Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?

It is Written

I've Got Your Back

Jesus Wars

Lessons From Barbara's Gardens

Letters Addressed to Relatives and Friends

Reflections on Old and New

Religious Literacy - What Every American Needs to Know – And Doesn’t

Surprised by Hope - Part I - N. T. Wright

Surprised by Hope - Part II - N. T. Wright

The Only True God

The Restitution of Jesus Christ

They Never Told Me This in Church

To God Be The Glory

Tyranny of the Trinity

What is the Truth About Jesus? - Friedrich Loofs

When Jesus Became God - Richard Rubenstein

Clark, Carey

Durousseau, Clifford

Essoe, Raymond

Finnegan, Sean


Five Major Problems with the Trinity

God and Jesus - Overview

Is Jesus Both God and Man?

John 1:1,14

Literal and Notional Pre-existence: Crossroads for the Incarnation Debate

One God - Is Jesus Both God and Man?

One God - Only The FatherIs God

Only The Father Is God - 1 Timothy 2:5

Sean Finnegan on the Holy Spirit

The Shema - The Creed of Jesus

The Story Behind The Comma Johanneum (1 John 5.7)

The Suffering Servant of YHWH

The Trinity Defined & Refuted

Truth Matters - Alex Hall

Truth Matters - George Littler

Gayle, Delroy

Gill, Betty

Gill, J. Dan

A Response to Christian Pluralism

Baptism in Spirit and Baptism in Jesus Name

Christ Centered Triumph

Complete In Jesus

Honor the Son - The Oneness Dilemma

How To Pray Effectively - Part 1

How To Pray Effectively – Part 2

Is Jesus God? - The Big Picture

Is the Trinity Necessary for Salvation? Truth Matters Radio

Is Your Creed in the Bible? - Part 1

Is Your Creed in the Bible? - Part 2

Jesus is Our Covenant

Jesus - One of Us!

One God – The Big Picture

One Message of the Kingdom

Oneness To One

Rightly Defining "Christ"

Simplicity in Christ

Success in the Harvest

The Best Father

The Indivisible Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Living Word


The Next Thing Buddha will Hear

The Trinity – The Big Picture

Was Jesus a Christian?

Water Baptism Today Part I

Water Baptism Today - Part II

What Repentance Looks Like

Will This Gospel Save a Man

Yet Another Music City Miracle

Your Faith - Your Record

Your Testimony

Gluckin, Victor

Hall, Alex

Hemphill, Joel

An Interview in Hawaii - God's Glory Pt 1

An Interview in Hawaii - Oneness Pentcostal Roots Pt 2

Be Prepared For Blessings

Christianity has a Problem

God Also

God's Word - Our Plumb Line

How the Doctrine of the Trinity Originated - Part One

How the Doctrine of the Trinity Originated - Part Two

Jesus Wants You To Know His Father

Joel Hemphill on Pope Benedict's Speech

Knowing God As Father

Ministers' Meeting in Louisiana - Pt 1 -

Truth Whose Time Has Come

Ministers' Meeting in Louisiana - Pt 2 -

The Fater is the Only True God

Ministers' Meeting in Louisiana - Pt 3-

Contrasting “One God” with “Oneness” & “Trinity”

Our Savior Jesus Is A Man - The Second Adam

Removing Greek Philosophy from Christianity

Seeing God the Father

Shocking Admissions (PDF - Brochure)

Speaking the Truth About God

Standing for the One True God

TCT Today - Television Interview

The Glory of the Father of Jesus Christ

The God of Jesus

The Hemphills - TV Program - I

The Hemphills - TV Program - II

The Hemphills - TV Program - III

The Hemphills - TV Program - IV

The Hemphills - TV Program - V

The Hemphills - TV Program - VI

The Three Cappadocians

Winnsboro Minister's Conference

Winnsboro Minister's Conference - Part 2

Who Is The Creator?

Worship The God of Jesus Christ

Hemphill, LaBreeska

A Case of Mistaken Identity

A Mothers Day Tribute to My Grandmother

How Does Your Garden Grow


Interview with LaBreeska Hemphill

LaBreeska Hemphill Speaks About the One God Message

LaBreeska Hemphill Testimony

Me and a Camel Named Clyde

Partners In Destimy

Pleasing God

Polishing our Vessels


The Blind Leading The Blind

The Importance of Music

The Incredible Power Of Hope

The Joy Of The Lord

The Potter and The Clay

The Purple Spring

The Serenity Prayer

The Snare of Unforgiveness

Tis Sweet To Be Remembered

Touching The Heart of God

We Call Him Father

We Have Not Passed This Way Before

Hicks, Mike

Shared Titles of God and Christ

Two Witnesses – Oneness Sleight of Hand

Jimenez, Carlos

Jones, Chuck

An Interview with Chuck Jones - Editor Wisdom and Power Magazine

Isaiah 9:6 - Part 1 Wonderful Counselor

Isaiah 9:6  Part 2 Mighty God

Isaiah 9:6  Part 3 Everlasting Father

Isaiah 9:6 - Part 4 Prince of Peace

Who Is Jesus

Jones, Mark

Blessed In Jesus Christ

Don't Let Go When It's God

Finding God in Babylon

God's Word Changes Things

How Does God Work With Jesus Christ

How To Be a Good Forgiver

Jesus Christ Prophet of God

Jesus Christ our Mediator

Jesus Is Our Help

Jesus Preexisted in the Plan of God

Jesus Teaches Resurrection

Jesus – The Head of the Body

One Greater Than Solomon

One of Us, For All of Us

Power Of God

Repenting Again

The Christian Covenant

The Faiths of Our Fathers

The Prayer of the Faithful

When Christ Comes

Why We Need Jesus

Katsaras, Steve

From Greek Orthodoxy - to Oneness - to One God


The Jesus Legends

The Triinty Genesis 1:1

Lazenby, Tony

Littler, George

Maas, David

From Oneness to the One True God!

Hebrew Roots - An Interview with David Maas

Should we pronounce "Jesus" in Hebrew?

Was The New Testament Written in Hebrew?

Martin, Dr. Joe

Fearless Faith

Follow the Leader

Joe Martin – Being a Biblical Christian

One God Believers in Africa

Shout or Shudder - There is One God

The Most Important Thing

The Servant of YHWH: A Messianic Job Description

Martin, Rebekah

Moore, Angela

A Follower of Christ - How to Walk the Walk

Do You have to Believe in the TRINITY to Be a Christian?

Prove It!

The Highest Calling

Time to Downsize

What's Love Got to Do with It?

Myers, Joe

Railton, John

If God is for Us

Truth - What Did Jesus Say?

Truth - What Did John Say?

The Whole City Asked

Ross, Kent

Biblical Unitarianism - A Hijacked Religion

Buying the Truth & Selling it Not

Contending for the Faith Once Delivered to the Saints

Recovering a Theological World in Disarray

Understanding About the Trinity

Ross, Scott

Rubenstein, Richard

Shockley, Ron

Sloan, Cody

Smith, Jerry

Smith, Dustin

Jesus and Lady Sophia

The Creed of Jesus

Stilson, Jan

Storey, Brenda

Taylor, Kara

Taylor, Steve

Faith Takes a Detour

Family Ties

Joy - Galatians 5:22, 23

Kindness (Galatians 5:22-23)

Patience: Right Now (Galatians 5:22-23)

Peace - Galatians 5:22,23

Real Fruit – Cultivating a Crop

The Father You've Yet to Meet

Triumph Through Suffering

Truth Revolution

Why Can't I Understand the Bible?

The Hemphills

Todd, Robin

Tuggy, Dr. Dale

Wachtel, William

Christian Monotheism - Reality or Illusion?

Colossians 1:15-20

Jesus, Moses & Others Were Called "Elohim"

Knowing The Lord

Salvation by Grace – Legalism vs. Antinomianism

Son of God

The Form of God

Kermit Zarley

Did Jesus Claim to Be God in John 10.30?

Did Jesus Come Down From Heaven?

Did Jesus Empty Himself of Any Divine Attributes?

Did Jesus Indicate He Was God to the Rich Young Man?

Does the Bible Identify Jesus of God?

Is Jesus a God-Man in I Timothy 2.5?

Is Jesus God Because of His Resurrection?

Is Jesus God If He did Not Know the Time of HIs Return?

Is Jesus God in Titus 2?

Is Jesus Yahweh?

Is the Incarnation True?

Is the Trinity in Genesis

Is Trinitarianism Monotheistic?

Isaiah 9:6

Matthew 1:23

The Doctrine of the Trinity

Truth Matters Radio with Sean Finnegan & Kermit Zarley

Was Jesus a Liar, Lunatic, or God?

Was Jesus “Making Himself Equal with God”?

Was Jesus God Even Though God Is Invisible?

What Are the Claims of Christ?

What Was Paul's Christology?

Who Is “the True God” in 1 John 5.20?

Why Doesn’t the Holy Spirit Have a Throne?

Zyl, Jaco Van


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