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21stCR Quotable Quotes


quote picture"Quotable Quotes" is  a developing collection of  great quotations on our subject's of interest. This feature is designed for your use in speaking and writing – or just for your personal enjoyment and edification. Quotations are from a variety of sources including the Scriptures, historical figures and people of our own time. We even have some of our favorite statements made by our own contributors.

If you have some favorite quotes you would like to share – send them to our editorial committee and they will be considered for addition to our lists. Please include the sources of your quotes if known. Send to:

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Our readers should keep in mind that inclusion of a quote in the library does not indicate an endorsement of other things that person may have said or believes. In some cases, a quote is included with the caveat found in the mountain wisdom: "Even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while."

Note: Quotes included in our listings are believed to be stated accurately and with the original author of statements indentified. However, we encourage our readers to make their own assessments of such matters and we take no responsibility for errors that may be made in those areas. If it is believed that we have made such an error, please advise our editorial committee at the above e-mail address. - Thanks



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