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Who Is Jesus

by Anthony Buzzard

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Glory to God

In the Highest

by Joel Hemphill

Jesus Was Not A


by Anthony Buzzard
Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian
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21st Century Reformation Special Edition

Focus on Oneness Pentecostalism


21st Century Reformation presents its first Special Focus Edition on the Oneness Pentecostal view of God. J. Dan Gill, 21st CR Editor in Chief, indicates “We have high honor and regard for Oneness people, ministers and churches everywhere.” This edition shares with Oneness believers what some of their own ministers have concluded regarding the Oneness understanding of God and Jesus. J. Dan says “While the Trinity falls short of the true scriptural understanding of God, there are those of us who have concluded that our Oneness views also fall short in some important ways.”

In this edition, we have five videos of teachings by J. Dan Gill. He is a 3rd generation Oneness Pentecostal believer who now encourages his fellow Pentecostals to reconsider their view of God and Jesus. J. Dan’s teachings in this edition are of powerful presentations that he recently made in former Oneness churches in Texas and Wisconsin.

In addition, there are five great audio presentations by long term Oneness minister and southern gospel music great, Joel Hemphill. There are also interviews of former Oneness believers including David Maas of Washington State, Delroy Gayle of London, England, Carey Clark, former UPCI missionary to Spain and Germany and of Joel Hemphill of Louisiana.

There are also some great articles including an excerpt from the writings of G. R. Davies of Australia. Davies, who is now deceased, was a popular speaker at UPCI conferences, camp meetings and churches around the world. We are honored to bring our viewers these materials from Davies’ book “Who Are You, Lord?”

Knowing God the Father

Joel Hemphill

Giving God the Father the Glory He is Due

Knowing God the Father and His Son Jesus

Who Sits on Heaven's Main Throne?

Is the Holy Spirit a Third Person of God?

The Father is the Only God

21st Century Interviews

Oneness Researcher Finds the One True God -       Delroy Gayle

Trinity to Oneness to One God - Carey Clark

From Oneness to One God - David Maas

Glory of the Father - Joel Hemphill

Oneness Pentecostal Roots - Joel Hemphill

This Month's Articles



J. Dan Gill

Oneness to One

J. Dan Gill, Editor in Chief of 21st Century Reformation, writes about his Oneness background. J. Dan tells us about his and his wife’s faith journey that led them from their life-long Oneness view of God and Jesus, to their pure “One God” faith today. J. Dan writes about how that many long held “Oneness” passages of Scripture led them to realize that the Oneness view of God is lacking in some important ways.

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Complete In Jesus

This is an excellent writing in which former Oneness believer, J. Dan Gill brings us an understanding of what it means for us to be “Complete in Jesus.” He writes that for the fullness of God to be in Christ does not mean that Christ is God. Rather, it means that God has “placed in Christ” all things for which we have need. In this writing, J. Dan also dispels the idea that this is the "Day of the Holy Spirit" or that Jesus is the "Absent Christ." This paper is a must for every sincere Bible student regardless of your background.

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Joel Hemphill

You Can Know God

Minister and author Joel Hemphill tells us that it is wrong to believe that people cannot know God. Joel quotes Scripture from both the Old and New Testaments that show God’s people in the Bible did know him – and that we can as well.   

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“Who Are You, Lord” (Excerpt)

by G. R. Davies

It is all about One God and One Man

The Father and the Son are two entities – two individuals. NOT TWO GODS and NOT TWO PERSONS WHO ARE GOD The Father is the ONE GOD & Jesus is the ONE begotten HUMAN SON of GOD

Brother Jeffery Davies was a missionary for the United Pentecostal Church, Inc. Davies was from Australia but traveled extensively preaching the Gospel. Brother Davies was well known, highly respected and a frequent speaker at camp meetings and Apostolic churches around the United States and the world.

It was on a trip to Europe during the early 1990s that Brother Davies met UPCI Missionary Brother Carey Clark and his wife and through their association discovered that they independently arrived at a clearer understanding about God and Jesus. They had concluded that while Trinitarian perspectives were not right, that their own Oneness views were also lacking in some important ways.

“Who are you Lord” was written by Brother Davies in 1992 and is an extraordinarily well done writing which every Oneness person should read. It was forwarded to 21st Century Reformation by Brother Davies for our publication before he died in his beloved homeland of Australia. We are honored to bring this writing from our archives to the benefit and joy of our readers.



God and Jesus - The Biblical Distinction

Joel Hemphill and J. Dan Gill

J. Dan Gill and Joel Hemphill, both from a Oneness Pentecostal background, discuss the Oneness perspective on God and Jesus and contrast it with the biblical – yet non-Trinitarian – view of these two greatest characters of the Bible. Regardless of your belief, you will definitely enjoy this presentation. There is something here of interest to everyone.   

Books of Interest

The One

In Defense of God

by J. Dan Gill

The One - In Defense of God
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To God Be the Glory

Examining the Bible View of God

Joel Hemphill

To God be The Glory

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God and Jesus

Exploring The Biblical Distinction

Joel Hemphill

God and Jesus
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The Doctrine of The Trinity

Christianity's Self Inflected Wound

by Anthony Buzzard

Doctrine of the Trinity

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The God of Jesus

in Light of Christian Dogma

by Kegan Chandler

The God of Jesus

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