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Joe Martin"Shout or Shudder - There is One God" - Dr. Joe Martin



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Dr. Joe Martin

Dr. Joe Martin, President of Atlanta Bible College, gives his audience an invigorating introduction to the thought: "Shout or Shudder – There is One God." Beginning in James 2:19, Dr. Martin explains that even demons believe that there is one God. He goes on to explain that we as humanity have the privilege of "shouting" the fact that there is only one God and embracing it in our lives. On the other hand, if we will not recognize and give glory to the one God, Dr. Martin leaves us with the sobering thought that - like the demons - we too should shudder.

In this presentation, Dr. Martin also gives an overview of his paper "They've Gone Too Far – Being Heterodox in a Homodox World." Filled with compelling statistics drawn from the Scriptures, Joe Martin challenges our thinking as Christians regarding the question of "What is true orthodoxy?"




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