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J. Dan Gill"Is Your Creed in the Bible?" - Part 1

J. Dan Gill



Also see "Is Your Creed in the Bible? - Part 2
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J. Dan Gill, Editor in Chief  of 21st Century Reformation Online, asks the question:  "Is Your Creed in the Bible?" With exceptional simplicity and clarity,  J. Dan challenges Bible students and Christians everywhere to consider the "First Creed" – A creed which is found in the Bible itself.  He also poses the question:  "Why is that creed not better known in our churches and recited by Christians everywhere today?" This is Part-1 of a two part series.

J. Dan Gill

Dan GillJ. Dan Gill is the Editor-in-Chief and a frequent contributor to 21st Century Reformation Online.  He has written various papers and articles related to the issues and challenges before Christians today. He is presently writing a new book regarding original Christian Monotheism, titled, The One – In Defense of God.

J. Dan's academic study has focused largely on the issues of early church history and the Reformation. Calling for love and reason, he encourages all Christians to come together for the accomplishing of the work of Christ in our day. He has been active in the Operation Andrew Group which is an association devoted to uniting Christians across denominational and racial barriers.

As a Christian Monotheist, J. Dan Gill speaks and writes often on the subjects of "Who is God," "Who is Jesus" and "How to Come to Peace with God." We at 21st Century Reformation believe you will enjoy his teaching and writings. For an overview of J. Dan's faith Journey, you can find his presentation Oneness to One in the 21st CR Online Library. That presentation chronicles his fascinating journey to his active reformation faith today.



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