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Faiths of Our FathersThe Faiths of Our Fathers - Alf J. Mapp, Jr

Exposition by Mark Jones



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Mark Jones

Mark JonesIn this engaging presentation, Pastor Mark Jones gives an excellent incursion into the religious thinking of America's founding fathers.  Speaking from the book: "The Faiths of Our Fathers,"  by Alf J. Mapp, Jr., Pastor Jones brings us understanding regarding the faith of such historical figures as: Washington, Jefferson, Adams and others.

Mark A. Jones is the pastor of Higher Ground Church near Nashville, Tennessee. Known as a leading teacher on many issues, his practical and good humored words bring us sound Bible teaching and powerful exhortations of faith and encouragement.

Mark is devoted to the concept of continuing reformation, often using the insight, “We don’t care how it is, we just want it the way it is.” He believes truth is found in God's word and that pursuit of original Christianity together with love and respect for our fellow man is a matter of immense importance for Christians today.


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