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Who Is God



Who Is God


Who Is God

This focus of our site is devoted to the question of "Who is God?"  We hope that you will enjoy learning with us more about the one to whom we owe our very existence. The following excerpts from J. Dan Gill's upcoming book The One – In Defense of God summarize the objectives of this area of our site:

In the quest to know God, who is at the end of the quest? Human history is an odyssey of speculation about God. From early times, people have created gods who were then believed to be responsible for the conditions of our world. Some seek to find God in nature or humanity; others in the form of an impersonal cosmic force. How shall we find him if we do not know  whom it is we seek?

 Who then is worthy of our faith? Faith goes to the heart of who and what we  are as human beings.  For something so valuable to be misdirected is tragic. People who do not consider the object of their faith carefully, value their faith too little. We should know with confidence that our trust is vested in that which is true. 

The God of the Bible is faith-worthy.  He is beyond nature and humanity. He is our creator. We are in his image. He is the cosmic power. Yet, he is our Father. All others fall short of him.  If it is truly God that we would know, then it is the God of the Bible we must seek. 

But, who will show us the way? He will! God alone is able to satisfy our desire to know him. It is not within us to know one who is infinite. He who is infinite, however, will bring us to himself. So let us seek! We will learn of the God of the Bible - from the Bible.  It is his story, his word, his message to all who desire to know him.


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