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About three thousand people became disciples of Jesus Christ that day. Thousands of names were added to the Lamb's book of life. But, as I would read the words of Acts during those meetings years ago, it became inescapable to me that those three thousand people knew nothing of my Oneness view of God and Jesus. It became equally inescapable that Peter was not a Oneness preacher. No Oneness preacher I had ever heard would have proclaimed that message as Peter did that day.

It is also equally clear that Peter was not of any of the "super-being" theologies. By the test of Acts, he was not a Binitarian; a Trinitarian, nor was he an Arian. Peter was not proclaiming any of those theologies on the day of Pentecost. Also remember that the other apostles were present and obviously assenting to Peter's words.

Three thousand people became disciples of Jesus Christ that day by believing exactly what I am preaching about God and Jesus. I am not very original - I just took it directly from Peter. If by this message and these commands three thousand people were "saved," why would not that same message bring forth the same results today?

Three thousand souls were added to the Lord's people based on the hearing and obeying of exactly what we as "One God" people are saying about Jesus and God. No other theology fits that occasion. The theology that I now hold fits it exactly! Clearly, people can be saved "without" embracing the Trinity, Binitarianism, Oneness or Arianism. Can they be saved, however, without believing and embracing the things that Peter spoke in Acts 2:22-36? This is a question for all to consider!

If Peter were here today, I can hear him saying exactly the same things that he was saying in those wonderful verses of "Middle-Acts Chapter 2." I can hear him saying to us that God has made Jesus Lord, and that God has made him Christ. I can hear him saying on the basis of that message: "change your minds and be baptized - every one of you - in the name of Jesus the anointed one for the forgiveness of sins." And how great are this repentance and this baptism? They are the basis upon which people in the Bible anticipated receiving the Holy Spirit.

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