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Oneness to One - Page 5

These realizations are the kinds of things that were amazing me as I sat in those Oneness meetings so many years ago. God by his kindness was changing me forever. I now found myself loving and honoring his son in ways I had never done before and honoring God with a clarity which I had been missing.

Finding the “Lost Verses” of Acts the Second Chapter

Allow me to share with you a key passage that reshaped my thinking in those days. Interestingly enough, the passage is from the second chapter of the Book of Acts. I say interestingly because this was a favored passage in my Oneness theology. Most Oneness children know Acts 2:1-4. It is that passage which brings to us the mighty and wonderful account of the receiving of the spirit by the disciples on the day of Pentecost. Likewise, every Oneness person can relate to Peter's quoting of the amazing prophecy of Joel and those incredible words in Acts 2:16: "This is that!" Even as a young child, I was readily able to quote Act 2:38: "Then Peter said to them..."

However, sitting in my Oneness church in the 1970s, I began to realize something odd about our reading and expositions of the second chapter of Acts. It dawned on me that between Peter's completing of his quotation of Joel in verse 21, and the remarks of the crowd which prompted his landmark directives in verse 38, that for us as Oneness people, there was somewhat of a theological "black hole."

I have often tried to recall if I had ever heard even one sermon text taken from any of the verses found from Acts 2:22 through Acts 2:36. Somehow those 15 verses tend to be rather absent from mainline Oneness thought and preaching. Sitting in church in those days, I began to rediscover the 15 missing verses of Acts the second chapter. Suddenly they had a profound influence on my faith. I found myself reading them again and again.

It also soon became evident to me why as Oneness people we had not been drawn to that part of the 2nd chapter of Acts. The things said in those verses were at the least confusing for the Oneness mind-set and in actuality devastating to our entire way of thinking about God and Jesus. I also find in those verses the virtual dismantling of the other super-being theologies.

It has been well said by Oneness folks that everyone should read Acts. In fact there is an old song in Oneness circles that says, "In Acts the second chapter - you can read it for yourself - you won't have to ask anybody else." I agree. In fact, I think that the Book of Acts is a gift of God for testing our theological ideas. Acts is rather much a "laboratory" in which we can put our theological views on trial. Here, we can set our thoughts along side actual "in the field" teachings and activities of the first Christians. What did their message sound like? What did their faith look like in action? Do our theological ideas match what they actually said and did? If not, then we should revisit our theologies. That is what I began to do. I laid my Oneness theology down along side those 15 "Middle- Acts 2" verses. I found that it failed the test of the laboratory of Acts. Let me highlight some key "lost" verses from "Middle-Acts 2."

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