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Oneness to One - Page 3

So, I did what I have learned to do through my life when faced with that which seems impossible to me. I prayed and began to seek God in these matters. I recall walking at night and telling God that I wanted to know the truth. Above all I wanted to know him as he really is.

As I continued to listen to the teachings each week, I only the more perceived a compelling new understanding of Scripture. Among other things, I began to realize that for Jesus to be in the image of God did not make him God. In fact, it meant he was not God. The image of a thing is not the actual thing itself - it is a representation. Again, I discovered that David too had said in 1 Samuel 17:45 that he came "in the name of the LORD." Did that mean that God's name was David? And, I discovered that the fourth "man" Nebuchadnezzar saw in the fire really wasn't Jesus Christ after all. These were becoming truly wonderful - enlightening - times for me.

The tide of truth once begun in the heart of a person is not easily stopped. I think that I can rightfully say that I did not so much find the truth of these matters, as truth found me. And in the process, I more wonderfully found God! I more wonderfully found his son Jesus!

Yet, no one knew that I was thinking about these things. Not even my dear, dedicated, devout, Oneness wife. So it was against that same backdrop of fear I mentioned earlier that I sat in our kitchen one afternoon and suggested to Sharon: "Perhaps we could be wrong." As I recall she said: "About what?" I said: "Perhaps we could be wrong about Jesus being God."

It was at that point in my life that I learned what a wonderful woman of faith that I had married. To her credit, she neither immediately embraced the things that I said to her about these matters, nor did she dismiss them out of hand. Sharon genuinely felt that if somehow we were wrong – that Jesus and God are not one and the same - she wanted to know the truth. Sharon and I decided to begin reading through the New Testament together and to let the Scriptures speak to us as they would. We both worked in downtown Nashville at the time. Each day I would drive us to and from work while Sharon would read successive chapters of the New Testament aloud. It was a reading that over the months illuminated us. We had truly launched a journey of faith from Oneness to the One God of the Bible.

What Was I Learning?

What was it that I had been learning during those days? What was it that was so compelling that it led me from Oneness to embrace the One God that I celebrate here today? I was discovering some very fundamental / systemic problems with the Oneness view that Jesus is God. I began to realize that in that view, I really did not have a clear understanding of the one who alone truly is God. And, interestingly enough, my Oneness' views had also caused someone else to be lost to my faith. That someone was the "real” man Jesus, the Messiah. During those years, I began to realize that it is not possible to proclaim that Jesus is God or that God is Jesus without effectively losing much about both of them.

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