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When Irish Eyes Are Not Smiling

Barbara Buzzard



Some Irish eyes are smiling as Ireland’s abortion vote went their way. But others are weeping — weeping for the babies who will die and the mothers and fathers who may come to regret what they have done.

David Epps of The Fayette Citizen newspaper puts it like this: “Abortion of children is not just wrong. It is evil. It is diabolically, ruthlessly evil…A nation cannot destroy its own young and still expect to survive. While it takes a while to ‘bleed out,’ we have cut our own throat. Now, Ireland has done the same. What appears to be a great victory is, in reality, the opening chapter in a terrible defeat. If we somehow survive as a nation, future generations will wonder at our stupidity and self-centeredness…For the sake of our own convenience, we kill our young. And, in so doing, we will destroy ourselves.”

We who have been committing genocide for decades could have helped Ireland, could have advised them not to go down this road, not to do the crime. If only they had listened. If only they could have known what was ahead. But they wanted freedom. Alas, this is not freedom. This is to be ensnared in one of the most sinister acts of betrayal ever perpetrated by one human being upon another. It is to play God. It is to say that your life counts more than another’s and therefore you have the right to kill. This is the enslavement of the mind, the conscience, the moral underpinning. We are in that “bleeding out” phase of the exercise. Judgment has not fully come upon us. We are in the waiting room.

Ireland’s abortion referendum boils down to adults wanting to legally kill children. All those voting in favor of abortion are, in fact, voting for themselves to be the One to determine who lives and who dies, i.e. little deities, doing what is right in their own eyes.

America’s self-inflicted national suicide has now become Ireland’s as well. A grievous thing has been done in this nation. As Irish Senator Ronan Mullen said: “Ireland has lost something very beautiful” with the approval of abortion.

Let Me Give You a Window into Choice

Let’s look at Canada and see how they are doing. Canada has no laws against abortion. It is legal at all stages of pregnancy and it’s free. Canada’s liberal government paid out 650 million dollars over three years to fund “choice” for women (which is killing for babies). Since abortion was legalized, well more than four million Canadian babies have died from what is known as an “elective” abortion, i.e. not medically necessary. (It never is. Doctors have declared that an abortion is never necessary to save the life of the baby.)  These abortions were carried out not to protect the life and health of the mother but to protect her lifestyle, i.e. abortions are used as “back-up” birth control.

Apparently abortions are hugely underreported in Canada; private clinics are not even required to publicize the numbers. Canada hides from its embarrassing abortion statistics. It is said that abortion is Canada’s greatest national shame and one can speculate that this might explain the hiding of the numbers. One commentator feels that all taxpaying Canadians have blood on their hands.

In Canada a pre-born child is not regarded as a person. And so Canadians are making “choices.” When they do, that choice reveals and defines their view of themselves (as God) and their place in society (in submission to no one). Couples who wish to adopt sometimes must wait up to ten years for a baby.

And meanwhile, how are Canadians faring with their policies on euthanasia? Surely abortion and euthanasia are not connected?! And yet it is strange that one follows on the heels of the other. If you do not consider life sacred at one end of the spectrum, why would you consider it sacred on the other end? Once we accept the principle that some lives are not protected by law, and that doctors can kill their patients, who is to say which group might qualify next? It’s a moving target.

Belgium made headlines when it became the first country in the world to extend euthanasia to terminally ill children of any age. (In dispute there at the moment is a case of euthanasia where a dementia patient never formally asked to die.)

Let’s Do the Logic

It is fine if you think that people of different races are human beings. No one is going to force you to ethnically cleanse them. But people who don’t think that they are human beings should be able to ethnically cleanse them from the population if they want to. Which is to say: people of different races are human beings if you believe they are, and not if you don’t. This would break the law of non-contradiction.[1] They can’t be human beings and not human beings at the same time.

Abortion is a choice that will follow us the remainder of our days. Always and forever. And to be politically correct we mustn’t call it dismemberment because that is such an ugly word and the use of it brings mental images that we don’t want. So we must sanitize the language and cover up what actually happens.

Some have imagined “abortion rights” in the Constitution. I believe that one day we will look back and marvel at the audacity of a right to kill. But how does this intersect with your own life? Sometimes we may think we have “clean hands” by not having “done the deed” or approved of it — but is silence a Christian option? If abortion is  “diabolically, ruthlessly evil,” we must oppose it with all the energy and passion we can summon. There is always a better answer than abortion.


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