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God and Jesus

The Biblical Distinction

Joel Hemphill & J. Dan Gill


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J. Dan Gill and Joel Hemphill, both from a Oneness Pentecostal background, discuss the Oneness perspective on God and Jesus and contrast it with the biblical – yet non-Trinitarian – view of these two greatest characters of the Bible. Regardless of your belief, you will definitely enjoy this presentation. There is something here of interest for everyone.   


God & Jesus - Exploring the Biblical Distinction

This is one of the must have books to understand the relation between God and Jesus.

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Joel Hemphill is a minister of the gospel, celebrated songwriter and singer. Widely acclaimed as a legend in southern gospel music, Joel is the writer of over 350 gospel songs including "Jesus Saves," "Consider the Lilies," "I Claim the Blood," "The Only Real Peace," "He's Still Working On Me," "Master of the Wind" and a host of other well known gospel music favorites. One of Joel Hemphill's most recent songs is "The Cost of the Call."

21st Century Reformation is happy to introduce our friend, Joel's wife Christie. She is a wonderful woman of faith who shares Joel's love for the word of God and the one God message.



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