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500 Years from Marin Luther to Joel Osteen

1 - Introdution
2 - Martin Luther and

John Calvin
3 - Zwingli & the Swiss


4 - Sattler, Munster & Simons
5 - Unitarian Trailblazers
6 - The Socinian Movement
7 - Reformations on the

8 - Christianity in East Asia


Sean Finnegan Multimedia>


500 Years - From Martin Luther to Joel Osteen

Part 2|Martin Luther and John Calvin

Sean Finnegan

Also see 500 Years - Introduction

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Sean Finnegan brings us “500 Years from Martin Luther to Joel Osteen.” Sean tells us that 500 years ago in Wittenberg Germany, Martin Luther sparked the Protestant Reformation. The world has never the same since. John Calvin, a contemporary of Luther’s, also took a place in the development of the reformation. In this presentation, Sean discusses these two early “leading characters” of the Protestant movement.





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