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Sean Finnegan

Sean FinneganWith the heart of a true reformer, Sean Finnegan speaks and writes to encourage continuing reformation in Christianity today. His heart is to see Christianity recapture the truths, spirit, and faith of those who were the first Christians.

Sean Finnegan is the host of Truth Matters; a series of podcasts in which over 25 guests are interviewed on key biblical topics. He supervises the blog for Living Hope International Ministries. He is the founder and administrator of Christian, a biblical website which houses more than 150 audio, video and text resources.

Sean recieved a Master of Theological studies degree from Boston University's School of Theology.  He attended Atlanta Bible College where he obtained a Bachelor of Theology degree in 2005.

Sean's stated goal in life is devotion to the pursuit of God's truth "wherever it leads" and to "living that truth out in real life." He indicates that his aim is to be "a cog in the machinery that God uses to get the gospel of the kingdom and the creed of Jesus out to all nations" (Mt. 24:14; Mk 12:28-30).

Sean and Ruth Finnegan

Sean Finnegan lives in New York with his wife Ruth and their three sons.



If you would like to contact Sean directly you may email him at:

Websites: and




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