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21st Century Reformation Online presents some of the most passionate voices of our day calling for the pursuit of original Christianity in our time. Here you will enjoy speakers, teachers, authors, theologians and lay people who have come from a variety of Christian backgrounds. All of our contributors are united in this ideal: that truth is important and we as Christians today should pursue original Christianity together, with love and mutual respect.

Our contributors are in wide agreement on our central issues of focus. They believe that there is only one who is God – the Father of Jesus Christ (John 17:3); that Jesus is the Christ, God's only begotten human son (John 3:16), and that peace with God comes through faith in Christ (Rom. 5:1).

We at 21st Century Reformation believe you will be moved by our contributors’ love for God and for people, and impressed by their enlightening and compelling case regarding the need for reformation and the restoration of original Christianity in our day.


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