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About 21st Century Reformation

21st Century Reformation Online brings together some of the best in videos, audios and writings focused on the pursuit of original Christianity in our time. You will read, hear and watch Bible teachings, exhortations and interviews that will both comfort and challenge us as Christians.

This site is an online magazine. There will be a new edition each month with its own set of feature presentations. 21st Century Reformation Online is particularly focused on four major subject areas that we believe should be of paramount concern to Christians today:

1. Seeking Truth is Important in our walk as Christians.

2. Who is God? To truly know God, we must know who he is.

3. Who is Jesus? Who is the one who said: "I am the way; truth and life"?

4. How can we have Peace with God?

In addition to these four areas of focus, 21st Century Reformation Online brings our viewers information regarding the history and future of Christian reformation; our 21st Century Online Topical Commentary; words of Faith & Encouragement; Quotable Quotes and other regular features.

In our 21stCR Online Library, you will find a growing resource of information and materials related to our areas of interest. You can access the entire library through the Multi-Media page OR by going directly to the 21stCR Library buttons on the right sidebar.    

We will continue building our library and developing our Commentary. We hope this is a site that you will enjoy visiting again and again and that you will recommend it to your friends.

21st Century Reformation is an independent Christian ministry which exists for the encouragement and education of Christians of all backgrounds. It is not a subsidiary of, or affiliated with any denomination or church. For those living in the United States, 21st Century Reformation is a non-profit ministry which is classified as tax exempt under the provisions of 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.



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